Saturday, February 4, 2012

To quote "The Nation" Magazine: "It's getting crazier out there"

I live in Las Vegas and am in the land of the Republican caucasino this week!  The commercials are enough to make me hate politics, so thank the digital world for DVR's!  Speaking of commercials, have we not heard enough ads for ED already?  Why pharmaceutical companies can advertise products that are not able to be obtained without a doctor's prescription is beyond me.  I think this is an evil that must be stopped.  After they list all the potentially harmful or even deadly side effects, they politely suggest that you "ask your doctor if this medication is good for you.  The pharmaceutical industry is one gigantic legal drug dealer, with the cost of needless tv, radio, and print advertising (never mind unwanted pop-ups on one's computer) ballooning the final cost of the drug to the unwitting public.