Friday, August 24, 2012

So Much Misinformation, So Little Time

I am trying to stop my brain from going where it has been the last couple days, but the massive amount of coverage of one idiotic congressman has made it impossible to ignore. I'm just wondering whether the real journalists (as in not on FOX) ever thought they'd be talking about transvaginal ultrasounds on TV or in print. It has now gone to an even more insane level of vaginal secretions and men who have no idea whatsoever how a woman's reproductive system works... How did I go to sleep in the 21st Century and waking up in the 15th?

Instead of spending billions of dollars looking for intelligent life on other planets, money needs to be spent finding it here on Earth. Is there a better argument for REAL sex education than all the crazy talk about a woman's right to choose, a major university being brought to its knees by a scandal perpetrated and covered up by men, and the child abuse that goes unreported every day in this country? If it weren't so frighteningly dangerous, it might be funny; however, there is NOTHING funny about what passes for information in the second decade of this 21st Century.

Are the majority of Americans this utterly ignorant? Do they seriously believe babies are meant to be born with no concern for their well-being once they've taken their first breaths of "free" air? Do so many have blinding faith in a god who may or may not exist that they feel that they don't have to take responsibility for their actions? On the eve of a rally for our President, I have far too many questions about why it is acceptable for people to walk through life as unaware of the truth and willing to believe what they watch or hear on television or radio. I won't begin to ask when the last time the majority of Americans read a book of REAL history, not one written by old white men that contains their version of the truth. We are going backwards when a highly respected and loved author has words in his books posthumously changed so as not to offend. Mark Twain was a brilliant author, humorist, and storyteller, but his novels might be "offensive" to some. Are we being told, as they were in early to mid 20th Century Europe, what we could and could not read?

They hypocrisy in all circles of life is constant. It doesn't come only from one place, but from all places, all voices, and now with social media, from anyone. Is it easier to ignore these things which I find so amazingly ridiculous...sometimes I think so, but my sane mind won't let me. So I continue to press on, forming opinions made by learning, reading, writing, listening to ALL things and deciding what is MY truth, not the truth of someone who does not warrant my belief...not without proof, not without experience, not without living...

Monday, August 20, 2012

A beautiful day in the world of politics!

Today was a great day! I had the privilege of going to one of our OFA offices here in Las Vegas.. There was a huge line which brought back memories of waiting on line w/my daughter who was 5 at the time on our first trip to Disneyland! Everyone was amazing, really helpful, and good energy surrounded us on a 104+ degree day. There was a huge and very diverse and energetic group of people with one purpose: To help reelect our President Barack Obama!  We had to line up for hours, and I did something I don't normally do. I found one of the organizers to let them know I have Parkinson's and needed to get my sister's car home to her. She kindly dropped me off at the OFA office while we waited for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congresswoman from FL, Chairman of the DNC on top of being the mother of 13 yr old twins and an 8 yr old. She was genuine, warm, sincere and a firecracker all together while she rallied us; and we hung on her every word. While we were waiting, we had people shouting "Fired Up", we responded w/"Ready to Go", the inevitable four more years and O-ba-ma chants. What struck me was how enthused people were and how positive the discussions were with total strangers who are all in it for our President. Not a bit of "angry, hateful" conversation! There were the ubiquitous Romney supporters who looked like clones, not a person of color in their small group. We followed the high road of President Obama and just kept walking, when most of us wanted to say SOMETHING to the fools. Their signs looked as though they had been made by 5 year olds, right down to the stick figure people. One sign said, "I love my country, but my government scares me", and all I wanted to say was "Why are you voting against your own interests?", but I know I'd have been wasting my breath. I suppose the Romney supporters left feeling defeated b/c we were so civil--a behavior that escapes them! Quite a victory for our side! And the pride we all felt was amazing. For attending today, we all received free tickets to a rally the President is having here on Wed. morning. We have to get there early to go through security. Knowing me, the moment President Obama walks into the auditorium I'll burst into tears from being overwhelmed in his presence! I can't wait! I came home and posted pics on my Twitter feed (@hlm626) and relayed my jubiliant day. There's a lot more I could write about, but I just want to share my unabashed enthusiasm I felt today. I would advise all of you to participate in at least one of these if you are interested in making sure President Obama wins reelection so we don't end up in 1930's Europe. Thank for reading my words.  'Til next time...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Politics vs Humanity

I haven't posted in months, but that was before I was on Twitter and had followers. So I'm starting again.  I heard some of the Republican pundits AND members of the U.S. Congress saying that "now is not the time to talk about gun control laws." I would bet Mitt Romney's $10,000 that any victim of the horrific shooting  that happened in Aurora, CO would think that a wonderful way to honor those who lost their lives and their families, plus those who were injured would be to DO SOMETHING about people having access to more protective gear than our soldiers on the front. They would be honored by a change to the assault weapons sales, along with the purchase online of exhorbitant amounts of bullets. At least they could have some peace that this did not happen in vain. Small consolation I know, but at least it's better to do something positive; and it's shameful to do nothing at all.

I am a parent, and I would like to know that my daughter & her boyfriend could go to the movies and only be frightened by what is on the screen, not fearing for their lives. There is no reason whatsoever for a civilian to own an assault weapon. Nada. Zilch. None. So why are we going through another tragic event like the one that happened in Columbine or VATech, et al? Because the NRA threatens people running for office that it's their way or the bullet ridden highway. But our citizens do nothing.

Of course, the shooter is still "alleged" to have killed 12 and wounded 58 others; so it is his fault. But he was enabled by the NRA and their ridiculously lax gun laws. But we need to have a conversation about this NOW, since it's impossible to do last week, say Thursday afternoon...Responsible citizens may be allowed to have guns for hunting or protecting their homes & families (altho I don't necessarily believe that part), but an assault weapon should only be used by the police (in DIRE circumstances) and the military.

And all gun owners should be held accountable for their actions; i.e., hospital bills, over time for police and other first responders, as well as the funerals for those who have died. How is this a political argument? It's a humane argument. As much as people have the right to bear arms (tho there was NOTHING in the Constitution about AK's), so too do people have the right to go shopping or to a movie w/out wondering if they'll make it out of the mall or theater alive.

Please, NRA, use common sense. Don't regard gun ownership higher than the value of a life. Do it now, while we are still bleeding from this senseless act of violence, not when we are finished grieving and push it out of our minds.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

To quote "The Nation" Magazine: "It's getting crazier out there"

I live in Las Vegas and am in the land of the Republican caucasino this week!  The commercials are enough to make me hate politics, so thank the digital world for DVR's!  Speaking of commercials, have we not heard enough ads for ED already?  Why pharmaceutical companies can advertise products that are not able to be obtained without a doctor's prescription is beyond me.  I think this is an evil that must be stopped.  After they list all the potentially harmful or even deadly side effects, they politely suggest that you "ask your doctor if this medication is good for you.  The pharmaceutical industry is one gigantic legal drug dealer, with the cost of needless tv, radio, and print advertising (never mind unwanted pop-ups on one's computer) ballooning the final cost of the drug to the unwitting public. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Democrats Have a Koch Problem

It's really sad when the Democratic Party and the "regular" Republicans (are there any left?) are being held hostage to the TEA Party, started by Dick Army but hugely funded by the Koch Brothers.  These people in the TEA Party have one loyalty and that is to the ultra conservative ideology spewed and paid for by the Koch Brothers.  These men are billionaires who have made their money the new fashioned way:  By doing nothing but inheriting money from their family.  They have made it their goal in life to take over the world by trying to defund Planned Parenthood, the EPA, FAA, and anything that will help us lead safer healthier lives.  Unlike the rest of us, they will not have to ever wonder whether or not they will be able to be taken care of, because if they can buy such a huge faction of the Republican Party, they certainly can afford to pay for any treatment necessary for their well-being without ever lifting a finger to work. 

However, as a Progressive Democrat, I am very troubled by the codependent behavior the left has fallen into by giving in to the demands of the right.  What's worse, the more they give, the more the right wants.  When will we stop running out of stuff to give away?  What happened to the tax breaks that were supposed to be taken away from Big Oil?  Gone, up in smoke, or some Wall Street hot shot's nose.  Do the fundamentalist, family values party members have any idea how many illegal things are going on at the expense of the American people?  Are they really that brainwashed, or are they collectively that uneducated and ignorant.  I don't care how many degrees you may have (real or otherwise), when  you think as one very small minded brain, your education has been wasted.  This goes for the entire "Beltway", as they say.

I listened to Boehner & McConnell speak today, and good ol'  John could only come up with the use of the words "cul de sac" four times in a span of 3 minutes.  How brilliant does he sound, saying nothing over and over again?  They have their heads shoved so far up each other's asses that they can't hear what the Democrats stand for.  They act like there hasn't been a plan.  The legislative branch of the Federal Government is supposed to do just that:  make laws.  Then the President can decide whether or not to sign or veto what they write.  Also, Boehner keeps repeating as many times as he possibly can, how it's all the President's fault.  Why don't they remember how it is all President Bush's Administration's fault that we have soldiers in Afghanistan who are wondering whether or not they are going to get paid.  George Bush blindly followed his war-profiteering friends right into Iraq.  And for what?  We have killed far more people than the 9/11 attacks.  I agree, they were a horrible, unspeakable tragedy;  but what did the Iraqi  people do to us?  It's disgusting.  Who are the evil doers?  How many American lives and families have been irreparably ruined by going to fight a war that was started under false pretenses and fear Washington permeated into every pore of the fabric of America?  Chew on that, TEA Party, instead of pizza; and get this freaking debt ceiling raised!!

If at first you don't succeed cry, cry, arm twist, then capitulate to the TEA Party

After spending the entire day watching MSNBC and the waiting for the "vote that didn't count" except to waste vaulable time and taxpayer money, I am frustrated beyond belief at how John Boehner, one of the few people to actually have the President's ear and 3rd in line to be the President if something horrible happened (which in my case would be Boehner becoming President)[ he'd probably never stop crying if that were to happen, and not because of the catastrophic event that landed him the job, but for purely selfish reasons] did the equivalent of a reality show on TV.  His lame ass attempt to get this grossly ridiculous bill passed, finally, was like his friends telling him it was okay to ask the girl to the prom (his Republican friends), then when he finally got up the nerve to do so, he was shot down like the fool he is.  (his Democratic "friends").  This entire week has been a joke.  No one is looking good except for the Progressive Democrats.  Boehner basically let himself be trapped by a bunch of uninformed idiots who are so out of touch with reality that some of them actually had to pray on casting a vote for something they knew ahead of time was going nowhere.  So here I am, at 1:00 a.m. left hanging on whether or not I'll receive my Social Security check, as I'm sure are many others out there.  The sad thing is that most of the people in Washington who were sent there to make laws have no idea how damaging this will be to all of us who are not the uber-rich.  Anyone out there agree with me?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

If the TEA Party Hates the Government...

If the TEA Party has such an aversion to the Federal Government, would someone please tell me why they even get involved in it in the first place?  Basically, they are trying to eliminate their own jobs...don't we have enough unemployed people in this country as it is?  They, however, would undoubtedly go to work for the Koch Brothers or the Heritage Foundation; so unlike their constituents, their literal asses would be covered and welcomed with open arms into the fold of those that helped dismantle what's left of the Democratic process in this country.  Also, do these people not have to go through any kind of educational or training program to be lawmakers?  There is one person in particular who is running for President, namely Michelle Bachmann, who has no clue what is the actual meaning of the Constitution.  The 14th Amendment, I'm almost certain, is one which most Republicans wish had never been passed in the first place.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, try reading it.  Look at how the newly elected Republican governors are trying to change their states' voting eligibility laws!  This is just as prejudicial as not allowing African Americans to vote before President Johnson signed the Equal Voting Rights Act. (And that still didn't stop interference at the polls.)  Where are the people protesting this horrible suppression of our voices?  I am sick and tired of the right wing extremists wrapping themselves in their conservative Christian beliefs and acting exactly the opposite of what Jesus would have wanted, that it makes me want to hurl.  They have interpreted the Constitution in the same way they have interpreted the Bible, in a way that's advantageous to those who look, act, and believe like them; and they are blinded by making any rational decision on their own.  I just saw that the vote to raise the debt ceiling has been cancelled once again by the Republican Majority's Town Cryer, John Boehner because they can't even strong arm their own party into agreeing on something that has never been an issue before.  Be afraid, people, stand up and shout, write, get involved, call your government officials; please don't sit idly by and contiue letting this insanity destroy our country.