Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Democrats Have a Koch Problem

It's really sad when the Democratic Party and the "regular" Republicans (are there any left?) are being held hostage to the TEA Party, started by Dick Army but hugely funded by the Koch Brothers.  These people in the TEA Party have one loyalty and that is to the ultra conservative ideology spewed and paid for by the Koch Brothers.  These men are billionaires who have made their money the new fashioned way:  By doing nothing but inheriting money from their family.  They have made it their goal in life to take over the world by trying to defund Planned Parenthood, the EPA, FAA, and anything that will help us lead safer healthier lives.  Unlike the rest of us, they will not have to ever wonder whether or not they will be able to be taken care of, because if they can buy such a huge faction of the Republican Party, they certainly can afford to pay for any treatment necessary for their well-being without ever lifting a finger to work. 

However, as a Progressive Democrat, I am very troubled by the codependent behavior the left has fallen into by giving in to the demands of the right.  What's worse, the more they give, the more the right wants.  When will we stop running out of stuff to give away?  What happened to the tax breaks that were supposed to be taken away from Big Oil?  Gone, up in smoke, or some Wall Street hot shot's nose.  Do the fundamentalist, family values party members have any idea how many illegal things are going on at the expense of the American people?  Are they really that brainwashed, or are they collectively that uneducated and ignorant.  I don't care how many degrees you may have (real or otherwise), when  you think as one very small minded brain, your education has been wasted.  This goes for the entire "Beltway", as they say.

I listened to Boehner & McConnell speak today, and good ol'  John could only come up with the use of the words "cul de sac" four times in a span of 3 minutes.  How brilliant does he sound, saying nothing over and over again?  They have their heads shoved so far up each other's asses that they can't hear what the Democrats stand for.  They act like there hasn't been a plan.  The legislative branch of the Federal Government is supposed to do just that:  make laws.  Then the President can decide whether or not to sign or veto what they write.  Also, Boehner keeps repeating as many times as he possibly can, how it's all the President's fault.  Why don't they remember how it is all President Bush's Administration's fault that we have soldiers in Afghanistan who are wondering whether or not they are going to get paid.  George Bush blindly followed his war-profiteering friends right into Iraq.  And for what?  We have killed far more people than the 9/11 attacks.  I agree, they were a horrible, unspeakable tragedy;  but what did the Iraqi  people do to us?  It's disgusting.  Who are the evil doers?  How many American lives and families have been irreparably ruined by going to fight a war that was started under false pretenses and fear Washington permeated into every pore of the fabric of America?  Chew on that, TEA Party, instead of pizza; and get this freaking debt ceiling raised!!

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