Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's Going On?

I have been watching the REAL news talk shows and am wondering what Grover Norquist's power is over, in particular, the TEA Party.  He stated while at Harvard that his goal is to make sure no Democrat can ever rule this country.  Why don't we just elect a king?  This is imperialism at its worst.  I wonder what would happen if a Republican who signed his "No Tax Increase" pledge decided to break the pledge.  Is he really that powerful?  And if so, who made him this way?  Has he threatened them with death?  Does he have an FBI list that would expose the people on the right?  It just proves that the Republican Party cannot think for itself.  It's easier to be told what to do than to have to decide as an adult a practical solution to serious problems facing this country.  That way they can place the blame on someone else and not takee responsibility for anything.  "Grover made me do it" is no excuse.  Why is his pledge so binding?  It is constipating the progress of the U.S. government to move forward with anything.  The explanation the Republicans give is that "this is what the American people voted for in November"; I disagree.  The Republicans ran on jobs, jobs, jobs and cutting spending, then took office and have spent time trying to send us back to the 1950's.  They are so Pro Life, but only BEFORE a baby is born.  What happens to that child after his birth seems to be of no concern to these so-called "Values" people.  Are they willing to help them if they are sick, poor, hungry or uneducated?  It appears the answer to that is no.  We clear thinking people should be concerned about how the voting laws are slowly changing to make it difficult (or nearly impossible) for anyone who  is not following the Republican mantra to register to vote.  This is definitely election tampering and discrimination.  The U.S. Constitution says each person has one vote.  If they are so glued to the Constitution, why doesn't it matter in this case?  The hypocrisy is, and should be, frightening. 

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