Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh My God

I am so sick and tired of listening to these idiotic statements made by the freshman and other Republican Congress People saying that the American People don't want tax revenues when everything tells anyone who has a brain or common sense that we want the people who are the richest in this country to pay their fair share of taxes.  The ridiculous tax breaks utilized by the big corporations and those on Wall Street are not even fair or available to the average American.  If anyone has seen "Inside Job" or "Too Big To Fail" he or she will see how the abuse of their power has destroyed the economy, all under the sanctions of presidents from Ronald Reagan through George W. Bush.  Now President Obama is trying to govern with what appears to be both hands tied behind his back with his ankles bound by the ideology that there is a certain class of people in this country who are "entitled", and most of us are not included in that class.  Does anyone see what the far right posturing did in Norway last week?  It is, as I've said before, scary.  I have worked for a paycheck for 42 years and am totally dependent upon Social Security and Medicare.  I raised my daughter on my own since she was 2 years old and paid $5,000/year for child care in order to work and provide for us.  I could only claim $480 of that on my income taxes.  I did not have a lobbyist or some secretive accounting practices that allowed me to write these expenses off under the guise of legal tax loopholes.  I sure wish I could have used that $5,000 over the 10 years she was in day care to invest, put in a 401k, etc.; however, with the crash of the economy in 2008, all of that probably would have been lost, and I'd still be in the same situation.  I got sick by no fault of my own.  I worked as long as I realistically could in order to continue contributing to the economy and pay my share of Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes so I would have access to them if I found myself in need of these benefits as I am now.  We need the Republicans to take a walk in the shoes of those of us who are paying their salaries and health insurance benefits, but I'm not sure they have the intelligence to understand it anyway.  And I am tired of them saying that since they won in November, they are all and powerful, when their campaigns were based completely on lies.  Just ask the people of Wisconsin, Ohio, and the FAA who are all suffering from buyers' remorse.

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