Saturday, July 30, 2011

If at first you don't succeed cry, cry, arm twist, then capitulate to the TEA Party

After spending the entire day watching MSNBC and the waiting for the "vote that didn't count" except to waste vaulable time and taxpayer money, I am frustrated beyond belief at how John Boehner, one of the few people to actually have the President's ear and 3rd in line to be the President if something horrible happened (which in my case would be Boehner becoming President)[ he'd probably never stop crying if that were to happen, and not because of the catastrophic event that landed him the job, but for purely selfish reasons] did the equivalent of a reality show on TV.  His lame ass attempt to get this grossly ridiculous bill passed, finally, was like his friends telling him it was okay to ask the girl to the prom (his Republican friends), then when he finally got up the nerve to do so, he was shot down like the fool he is.  (his Democratic "friends").  This entire week has been a joke.  No one is looking good except for the Progressive Democrats.  Boehner basically let himself be trapped by a bunch of uninformed idiots who are so out of touch with reality that some of them actually had to pray on casting a vote for something they knew ahead of time was going nowhere.  So here I am, at 1:00 a.m. left hanging on whether or not I'll receive my Social Security check, as I'm sure are many others out there.  The sad thing is that most of the people in Washington who were sent there to make laws have no idea how damaging this will be to all of us who are not the uber-rich.  Anyone out there agree with me?

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