Friday, July 22, 2011


I am watching C-SPAN and the ridiculous voting going on in the House of Representatives.  They just held a vote to cut over $619,000 of the $1.5 million for the Congressional Ethics Committee.  Great, exactly what we need, less oversight in Congress.  Fortunately it didn't pass.  Then John Boehner had a press conference with his shadow Eric Cantor and several other members of the Republican caucus bragging how they have done their job.  What are they talking about?  They have passed a bill that would destroy our education system and social safety net that are of huge importance to middle class America.  I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2007, filed for my Social Security benefits in 2008, but had to wait until this last June to be eligible for Medicare, even though I have a disease that is, at this time, incurable.   I can assure you that the Wall Street executives, hedge fund mangers, and lobbyists from every corner of the country will never have to worry about their ability to have access to healthcare, in fact several generations of their families will not have this problem either.  John Boehner can cry all he wants about how he came from nothing to be Speaker of the House, but the days of "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps" no longer exist for most of middle America.  Access to a decent education doesn't seem to be a problem for them either.  Who elected the Wall Street execs and lobbyists who have such a grip on Washington?  Not the American people; yet they all seem to be in charge, along with the huge corporations who keep profiting from sending jobs out of the country or using prison inmates to answer the phones for airline companies to take your reservation.   Still, we are stuck at their mercy.  How did this happen?  There is a vote going on right now to pass an ammendment barring funds for polystyrene containers in House cafeterias.  Oh my God, this is the important work being done by our elected officials while the American people are stuck in their quagmire of indecision over raising the debt ceiling.  They also had a vote on light bulbs.  Wow, these are matters of National importance?  This is what our tax dollars are being spent on?  Why can't the American people decide how our money is spent on things that are of vital interest to those of us watching this ridiculous charade. Is this what we went to the polls for?  The Republican Party is willing to destroy anything that may be helpful to middle America.   Why don't the people who have the weight have to help carry the burdens?  Instead, they would rather keep lining their pockets while our children who they are so concerned about, so they say, are suffering by having education
 drastically cut state by state.  There is an overwhelming imbalance in who gets what is this country these days, and most of us and our children will never have an opportunity to get out of this current state of affairs. 

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