Thursday, July 28, 2011

If the TEA Party Hates the Government...

If the TEA Party has such an aversion to the Federal Government, would someone please tell me why they even get involved in it in the first place?  Basically, they are trying to eliminate their own jobs...don't we have enough unemployed people in this country as it is?  They, however, would undoubtedly go to work for the Koch Brothers or the Heritage Foundation; so unlike their constituents, their literal asses would be covered and welcomed with open arms into the fold of those that helped dismantle what's left of the Democratic process in this country.  Also, do these people not have to go through any kind of educational or training program to be lawmakers?  There is one person in particular who is running for President, namely Michelle Bachmann, who has no clue what is the actual meaning of the Constitution.  The 14th Amendment, I'm almost certain, is one which most Republicans wish had never been passed in the first place.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, try reading it.  Look at how the newly elected Republican governors are trying to change their states' voting eligibility laws!  This is just as prejudicial as not allowing African Americans to vote before President Johnson signed the Equal Voting Rights Act. (And that still didn't stop interference at the polls.)  Where are the people protesting this horrible suppression of our voices?  I am sick and tired of the right wing extremists wrapping themselves in their conservative Christian beliefs and acting exactly the opposite of what Jesus would have wanted, that it makes me want to hurl.  They have interpreted the Constitution in the same way they have interpreted the Bible, in a way that's advantageous to those who look, act, and believe like them; and they are blinded by making any rational decision on their own.  I just saw that the vote to raise the debt ceiling has been cancelled once again by the Republican Majority's Town Cryer, John Boehner because they can't even strong arm their own party into agreeing on something that has never been an issue before.  Be afraid, people, stand up and shout, write, get involved, call your government officials; please don't sit idly by and contiue letting this insanity destroy our country.

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