Friday, August 24, 2012

So Much Misinformation, So Little Time

I am trying to stop my brain from going where it has been the last couple days, but the massive amount of coverage of one idiotic congressman has made it impossible to ignore. I'm just wondering whether the real journalists (as in not on FOX) ever thought they'd be talking about transvaginal ultrasounds on TV or in print. It has now gone to an even more insane level of vaginal secretions and men who have no idea whatsoever how a woman's reproductive system works... How did I go to sleep in the 21st Century and waking up in the 15th?

Instead of spending billions of dollars looking for intelligent life on other planets, money needs to be spent finding it here on Earth. Is there a better argument for REAL sex education than all the crazy talk about a woman's right to choose, a major university being brought to its knees by a scandal perpetrated and covered up by men, and the child abuse that goes unreported every day in this country? If it weren't so frighteningly dangerous, it might be funny; however, there is NOTHING funny about what passes for information in the second decade of this 21st Century.

Are the majority of Americans this utterly ignorant? Do they seriously believe babies are meant to be born with no concern for their well-being once they've taken their first breaths of "free" air? Do so many have blinding faith in a god who may or may not exist that they feel that they don't have to take responsibility for their actions? On the eve of a rally for our President, I have far too many questions about why it is acceptable for people to walk through life as unaware of the truth and willing to believe what they watch or hear on television or radio. I won't begin to ask when the last time the majority of Americans read a book of REAL history, not one written by old white men that contains their version of the truth. We are going backwards when a highly respected and loved author has words in his books posthumously changed so as not to offend. Mark Twain was a brilliant author, humorist, and storyteller, but his novels might be "offensive" to some. Are we being told, as they were in early to mid 20th Century Europe, what we could and could not read?

They hypocrisy in all circles of life is constant. It doesn't come only from one place, but from all places, all voices, and now with social media, from anyone. Is it easier to ignore these things which I find so amazingly ridiculous...sometimes I think so, but my sane mind won't let me. So I continue to press on, forming opinions made by learning, reading, writing, listening to ALL things and deciding what is MY truth, not the truth of someone who does not warrant my belief...not without proof, not without experience, not without living...

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